Are you considering natural childbirth?

Are You Considering Natural Childbirth?


Want to Know the Real Truth Behind the Process?

Pregnant bellyHaving a baby is a once in a lifetime experience (or maybe 2 or 3) and you must not waste the opportunity to make the most of it. No one can do it for you. But it can be taken away from you with drugs and surgery. Only you can do it. It is a gift for you and this new life you have created, your baby.

As a mother of five and a pioneer in the Natural Childbirth Movement, my mission is to help women accept and prepare for a joyful, normal, natural birth experience. I believe that it is my obligation to bring my babies into this world with love and joy and without fear and trauma.

My intention is to reach and speak to the needs of all women regarding our societal attitudes about childbirth, and how it directs the nature of childbirth in our culture.

If you share my belief about your own baby,
we have a lot to talk about!

Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials
Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials
As a pioneer in the Natural Childbirth Movement, Rhondda developed these exercises with Dr. Bradley. She is confident that if mothers-to-be use the exercises recommended and do all the practicing that this workbook describes to do, you can enjoy your births.
Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever
Natural Childbirth Exercises is an informal and chatty discussion of how to give birth as nature intended and how to be comfortable during the pregnancy.

You Need to Become an Expert!

Read all you can about birth as you begin this adventure of pregnancy and childbirth.
You need to prepare yourself, body, mind and spirit for this amazing event in your life.
It is such a unique and fantastic adventure – nothing compares to it.


Natural Childbirth exercises