Meet Rhondda Hartman

Rhondda Hartman working with pregnant women

Rhondda Evans Hartman grew up in southern Alberta, Canada where she was a Public Health Nurse before becoming a homemaker and mother. She moved to Colorado after marrying Denver Attorney, Richard E. Hartman in Switzerland while vacationing in Europe. They created five amazing children who have produced nine incredible grandchildren.

She earned her B.S. from the University of Alberta, where she was Vice President of the Student Council in her senior year. She completed her R.N. at the University of Alberta Hospital, School of Nursing in Edmonton, Alberta and headed the Lacombe Unit for Public Health Nursing in Alberta. Many years later after all her children were in school, she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Urban Sociology from the University of Colorado in Denver.

For 25 years, she taught classes and trained and supervised other teachers in husband-coached childbirth for Dr. Robert A. Bradley in his Obstetrical Medical Practice in Denver, Colorado. Rhondda is on the Advisory Board of the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, The Bradley Method. She is Charter Member and past president of La Leche League of Colorado and was a meeting leader for many years. Rhondda and Dr. Bradley were frequent speakers at national Natural Childbirth conferences. As an expert on natural childbirth exercises, Rhondda has been a guest on national TV in both the United States and Canada.

Rhondda is the author of Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever, Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials, and Exercises for True Natural Childbirth; she is also a contributor to the Five Standards for Safe Childbearing by David Stewart, PhD. and Compulsory Hospitalization or Freedom of Choice in Childbirth?  by Stewart and Stewart,  editors.