Step 10 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Another Way to Pelvic Rock, Just for Fun

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Since Pelvic Rocking is so vital to your comfort and health during pregnancy I am offering some additional positions. The hands-and-knees position is by far the most effective means of “rocking your pelvis,” so use it whenever possible.

Sitting Pelvic Rock

Though the sitting position is not as effective as the other methods of pelvic rocking, the advantage is that it can be done while you are sitting doing routine tasks.
It will relieve back tension and pelvic pressure.

Another Way to Pelvic Rock, Just for Fun


  1. Begin in a tailor sitting position. Roll your pelvis back so that your weight shifts to the base of your spine. You feel as though you have been pushed in the abdomen.
  2. Roll the pelvis forward again as far as it will go. This pushes your abdomen forward.
  3. After repeating these motions about ten times, stop when the pelvis is level and relaxed.


If you are not able to assume a proper tailor sit position on the floor, you can do the pelvic rock sitting in a chair. Not as effective but helps a bit!

Try to get yourself out of the habit of crossing your legs when sitting in a chair. This contributes to poor circulation and may also help to build “saddlebags” on the sides of your thighs. An even worse possibility is that it could promote varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

Pelvic rock sitting can be done anywhere:

  • at a desk at the office
  • at the movies
  • riding in a car
  • watching TV
  • reading
  • at the computer … you get the idea.

Whenever you are sitting, do occasional pelvic rocks.


Do this mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, early evening, and anytime in between. It will be very unobtrusive if done one at a time.

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