Backache of Pregnancy

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Is a Backache a natural part of Pregnancy?

Not if you know how to Pelvic Rock and will do it regularly!

You need to understand your own anatomy. Your uterus is attached by ligaments to the inner side of your back, low on your spine. As your uterus grows and becomes heavier with your baby, it stretches and pulls on those ligaments that hold it in place. You allow it to hang forward which causes more stretching and now the muscles become involved and are not used to this activity. Everything begins to hurt! It is called ”backache of pregnancy”. Since we know what causes it, let’s prevent it and correct it!

First, ligaments should not remain stretched over long periods of time. To avoid that you must maintain a straight back and keep your pelvis tilted back so that the uterus is contained in the bowl of the pelvis. This requires strong muscles along your spine to hold it straight. That is good posture! All the muscles of the rib cage and abdomen as well as along your spine, are required to be very fit and strong during a pregnancy to allow good posture. Pelvic Rocks will build up the strength in all these areas.

Second, you need to know that to keep your uterus tilted back into your pelvic bowl is compromising to the circulation in the whole pelvic area. Circulation is important to the baby growing in you. The blood supply to the uterus and to the baby is crucial. All the blood vessels in and out of the pelvic area (veins and arteries) are inside that bony pelvic structure and as the uterus gets bigger it gets very tight and constricted in that bowl.

This presents a serious conflict! Do we take care of the mother and prevent a backache? Or do we make sure the circulation is not limited by the pressure on the blood vessels and take care of the growing baby in the uterus?

Regular Pelvic Rocking solves the problem. We imitate four footed mammals, since our anatomy is very similar. Doing the hands and knees Pelvic Rock exercises will let the uterus hang forward, tipping the uterus out of the pelvis relieving the pressure on the blood vessels. It is also an exercise that builds strength in your muscles so that when you are standing, your uterus is held in the pelvis to avoid stretching the ligaments.

Problem solved!

Hands and knees pelvic rocks done at regular intervals all day long will prevent backache and will improve circulation.

For specific instruction on how to do this exercise see the chapter in my book called Rocking the Pelvis. I will go into much more detail and you will see sketches which show you exactly how to do a Pelvic Rock.

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