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How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen – During Pregnancy, Make the Most of Each Visit

During pregnancy, you will be having regular appointments with a doctor. It is important that you know how to make the most of each visit.

How to Talk so your Doctor will ListenDoctors are very busy and will have a short allotment of time for each visit. Studies have shown that the average length of an appointment is 13 to 16 minutes. That gives very little time to get the attention you need.

Also, it has been determined that doctors will interrupt you within 12 to 23 seconds if you are speaking.

So how do you get answers to your questions?

Mental Preparation During Labor

During labor, keep your body loose and limp

Tip from Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials by Rhondda Hartman



In honor of Mary White, founder of La Leche League International

Mary White had the courage of her convictions about breastfeeding her babies, and it ultimately resulted in La Leche League International which revolutionized the incidence breastfeeding babyof natural normal feeding for our babies. The slogan “Breastfeeding is Best” became popular! It was an honor to know her!

In 1956, Mary was frustrated by the lack of support for women who wanted to breastfeed their babies.

Please read more about this visionary who helped women and society overcome the prevailing idea that women need not breastfeed their babies. Click here.




The Natural Birth Story of Lincoln to Anne and David

Want to know how to have a Natural Childbirth?  Here’s how!

This is a wonderful birth story from Anne.

Baby Lincoln with mom Anne
Baby Lincoln with mom Anne

She trusted her body to give her the natural birth that she wanted.

Not only did she want it, she planned it.

She learned about natural birth.

She made all the right decisions.

Her husband was actively involved and supportive. I know because he ordered my book, Natural Childbirth Exercises, for her.

They had excellent training and preparation by attending Bradley Method® classes.

Do Babies Have an Innate Sense of Right and Wrong?

Smiling Baby BoyCan a baby of 3 months make a distinction between Good and Bad?

A book review from The Washington Post by Sara Sklaroff and republished in The Denver Post on January 5, 2014 has caused a reaction in me that will resonate with all parents, I believe. The book is Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evilby Paul Bloom, published by Crown. I knew I had to read this book as the ideas in the review are fascinating, and I love the definition of a baby!

Crying Is the Baby’s Way of Asking for Help

Please do not worry about “spoiling” your baby. You can indulge an older child, and he may become an unhappy and unpleasant little creature, but you can’t spoil a tiny child with love and cuddling. It is perfectly normal and OK for a baby to cry. It’s not OK for you to ignore his cry in the ridiculous attempt to “not spoil” him! cryingbaby

Your baby will cry sometimes when you cannot get to him for a few minutes but he should have the security of knowing that his cry will be answered. Can you imagine the hopelessness of a baby whose only means of calling for help is ignored?