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How to Achieve Perfect Relaxation in Natural Childbirth

How to Achieve Perfect Relaxation in Natural Childbirth

Tip from Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials by Rhondda Hartman



Mental Preparation During Labor

During labor, keep your body loose and limp

Tip from Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials by Rhondda Hartman



Step 7 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Abdominal Breathing

You must become very good at abdominal breathing because during the first stage of labor, with each contraction you will breathe with your abdomen and relax completely. This will allow you to remain comfortable and it will be your secret to having a natural childbirth. Between contractions you may do whatever you feel like doing and breathe however you wish. But with a contraction, abdominal breathing is a must!

Abdominal breathing and relaxation belong together. You do them better together than you are able to do each separately. Your ability to do both will increase with practice, so the amount of time you spend at it beforehand will pay great dividends during labor.

Step 4 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Opening the “Baby Door” – Squatting


The squat is the position you will assume to give birth. It opens the “baby door.” The pelvis is pulled as wide open as it can get. So get busy and limber up those squatting muscles! The wider apart you hold your legs during the pushing stage of labor, the sooner the baby can be born.

Squatting is healthy because it develops better circulation in the perineal area, which leads to better muscle tone and healthier tissue. One of the benefits post birth is that your tissues are healthy from the increased attention to them. After the typical stretching that childbirth creates, your tissues will more quickly resume their normal state.

Can a Book on Natural Childbirth Really Change Your Life?

”How a Book on Natural Childbirth Changed My Life.”

Rhondda in Arizona

Rhondda in Arizona to discuss natural childbirth

This blog post title caught my attention because I was recently in Phoenix, Arizona where a lovely woman said exactly that to me.

I attended church with my friends Krystyna and Bruss Bowman. We were involved in a very active social hour after the service. Since we are natural childbirth advocates, it became known that I was Dr.Robert A. Bradley’s Childbirth Educator and had just written my second book on how to have the best birth ever. Suddenly a woman came rushing up to me and with a great deal of emotion told me that she had read my first book and had a wonderful experience giving birth many years ago. Indeed, it had changed her life!

Why I Wrote “Natural Childbirth Exercises”

“Why did you write this book?” I was asked by a friend.

It was a shock because most of my friends are impressed, congratulatory, and mostly do not want to talk about my subject but are happy for me in my endeavor.

Why did I write this book? Why now? Why at this stage in my life? What do I have to offer pregnant women of today?

I am finished with Childbirth and even with the birth of grandchildren so why my compulsion to write this book? Not only that, but this is the second book I have written on this same topic. Why was I not satisfied with doing it just once. Why do it all over again?