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Life Events and Its Effects on Families

With my area of expertise being natural childbirth, the majority of the information shared and discussed tends to naturally revolve around newborns and the birthing process.

Let’s expand the focus to include talking about topics and life events that families deal with and experience once they bring their new baby home.

Many parents become the caregivers to their parents. Between caring for your own children and caring for your parents, it can feel overwhelming, especially when they are suffering from a disease such as Alzheimer’s.

How to Keep That Spark Alive for New Parents

Recently, I used this tweet from @ParentNormal: “A romantic date for parents is making it through half a DVD without having to wipe a butt or put a toddler back to bed.”

This is a cute comment and most parents will smile and nod in agreement. It reminded me of the advice that Dr. Robert A. Bradley (Husband Coached Childbirth) gave to Richard and me when our first baby was born. It was more than advice, it was an order. This man talked in Bold Italics! He expected to be obeyed!