The Cost of Childbirth is Too High

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high cost of childbirth, pregnancy“Cost of Childbirth Is Too High for Individuals and Employers, Groups Say,” stated Elizabeth Palermo in the Huffington Post on July 5th, 2013.

For those of us who are proponents of Natural Childbirth, this comes as no surprise. If we women allow our Childbirth to become a medical event without our input and planning, then we are the ones who lose.

When women allow medical professionals to take over a normal natural function of the female body to turn it into a medical event we are no longer in charge of our bodies or our births. And we are contributing to the rising cost.

The consequences are huge! The loss of self-esteem is awful. The loss of control allows for incredible effects on our society as a whole.

Should medical costs become the deciding factor in the birth of our baby? No, no, no! But it could be if we stay uninvolved with our own births.

In any medical procedure there has to be a profit involved. The expensive equipment needed for rare and unusual cases of medical emergencies in birth must be available.  It also needs to be paid for by the patient. It follows logically that if the birthing mother does not use it, how will the equipment be cost effective for the hospitals? It becomes financially necessary for the hospital to encourage its use. Protocols can be set by the hospital. These rules could require the medical staff to use the techniques and the equipment when there is only the slightest suggestion of risk to baby or mother. Medical doctors and staff are trained to save lives! They are trained to take over!

As mothers we are terribly vulnerable during the birthing process. Would any one of us want to jeopardize the life or safety of our babies? Of Course Not! We naively believe that whatever the doctor says “must” be what is only for the best. If a procedure is suggested, would any parent disagree?

We live in the USA with the most advanced medical system in the world. How can the rate of Caesarian Sections have risen 50% in 10 years? Don’t you wonder why? Who makes the decision that a C-section is necessary? Are the doctors responsible for this outrageous statistic? Are the hospitals? I have heard there are hospitals which make it mandatory that if a pregnant laboring woman ASKS for a surgical birth, it must be honored! Are we women responsible? There seems to be enough blame to go around! But it does increase the cost of Childbirth.

How does this affect the cost of even the normal, natural, vaginal births? Probably cost averaging. Cost is a spiraling problem that we’d better start addressing. Demanding!
As mothers in Childbirth you need to be suspicious of any intervention in the birthing process. Even emergencies need to be critically assessed with a clear mind and perhaps a second opinion. Intervention always carries a risk to you and your baby.

Your best defense is to choose your health care provider with great care.

  • Find one who will let you participate in the birth.
  • Find one who will explain the reason for all birth procedures that will be used and will show flexibility about your wishes.
  • Find one who does not think of an epidural as a normal birth procedure. Surprisingly, most do! This is also a risk.
  • Find one who will listen to you and will discuss a Birth Plan with you. If there is rolling of the eyes with this, walk out and keep looking for someone who will include you in your own Birth Experience!

You have the responsibility of planning your own birth. Birth is a normal natural function of your female body. If you start your pregnancy with that premise, the outcome will change the statistics of intervention with birth.

No matter what the intervention, even if it is necessary for the good of you or your baby, it puts you and your baby at risk. You need to be included in making the decisions about which risk is greater.

The fewer procedures and interventions used during your birth, the better for you and baby and the lower the cost of childbirth. Sounds simple but you will have to be involved.

It is up to you! It is up to all pregnant women! You have the power! Use it!

Read what Elizabeth Palermo says in her article:

Then search for ‘Cost of Childbirth is Too High/Elizabeth Palermo.’  It is well written, well researched and well reported.


Photo attribution: By File photo, Canwest News Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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