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You have so many things to think about with this new situation in your life called pregnancy. Suddenly you are faced with all sorts of new things.

  • What should you eat to be sure the baby is healthy?
  • What changes will have to be made in your home? Will you have to move?
  • Perhaps a two-year-old has to be moved out of a crib.
  • How will you make your wardrobe accommodate your expanding tummy?
  • Will you have to quit your job? (Or do you “get” to quit!)
  • Can you manage on one salary? On and on the questions flow.

There are countless changes that you will have to make. You will enjoy adapting to most of the change. It is a very exciting time in your life.


Along with your pregnancy and all the changes, you will have to learn to accept the strange phenomena that your pregnancy creates in others. Everyone is an expert and has advice to offer: the mailman, the boss, the shoe sales person, your parents, the neighbor, the grocery shopper behind you as you checkout at the supermarket. Of course your friends and family will all have advice for you, too. They all have tales to tell. Sometimes the tales are rather negative and you wonder why anyone would want to tell you something awful.

It is amazing that everyone wants to give pregnancy advice. Even though many of the suggestions are really strange and wild, some can be sweet and amusing. You will be confronted with all sorts of well-intended information that you will have to decide about accepting or rejecting. Have fun with it!

Remember the old adage “Free advice is always worth what you paid for it!”


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