Step 12 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: “Kitchen Sink” Pelvic Rock

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The “Kitchen Sink” can be anything of the right height: a chair back at the office, the desktop in the schoolroom, a window ledge, bathroom sink, countertop, cupboard, dresser, etc.

This exercise can be done each time you go to the sink (or to the chair, at your desk, kitchen counter, etc.). Through frequent practice, you will maintain good posture, give yourself quick relief from pelvic pressure, and you will improve circulation to the lower part of your body.

This exercise was tested on pregnant women in a clinic where no other form of exercise was encouraged. The women showed a marked avoidance of varicose veins and much less back discomfort than a control group. Good reason to try it!

Kitchen Sink Pelvic Rocks


  1. Stand straight about two feet away from the sink with feet comfortably apart (about six to twelve inches).
  2. Bow to the sink! In other words, bend from the hips with a straight back.
  3. Put your hands on the edge of the counter, elbows stiff, and let your hands support your weight. That is, lean into your hands.
  4. Point your tailbone toward the ceiling. It may hurt behind your knees, so go easy!
  5. Tuck your tailbone down and under you, as you relax your knees. This rolls your hipbones backward as your spine gets a comfortable stretch.
  6. Do Step 4 and Step 5, three times very slowly.
  7. Now, with your lower back rounded, your tailbone tucked under you, knees relaxed, and buttocks tight, straighten your shoulders and head over the rest of your body. Be sure to keep the good posture that you have created in the lower part of your back.
  8. Walk up to the counter and you will find that you can get four inches closer to it! Keep your knees relaxed and the same pelvic posture as you go on with your day.
  9. Repeat each time you go to the sink! Decide what you will use as your “kitchen sink” that will be your reminder to do this often during your busy day.


This can be done at any table, counter, or desk that is the right height for you, as discussed above. If the counter is about the height of the top of your pelvic bone (about two inches below your waist) it is just right.


Do this exercise all day long whenever your back needs a good stretch.

My Advice

Knowing about and integrating pelvic rocks in your daily routine will change your physical and mental life. Make pelvic rocks part of your regular routine. Your pregnancy will be so much more comfortable if you do!

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