Recent study shows exercise during pregnancy helps baby’s brain

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When you think that Natural Childbirth and Exercise are best for you and your baby, then you automatically BELIEVE in it. You have faith in the truth of your beliefs! It’s True because you know it is True! Not at all good logic, but we all indulge in our belief systems.

exercise during pregnancy

So nothing is more exciting than finding that there has been a scientific study to prove your Beliefs.

This has happened again and again to me. This recent information came through Twitter!  The blessings of the Information Revolution and Social Media have given me this study that shows that exercising throughout pregnancy enhances brain activity in a baby at birth.

That is enough for me! I can exercise 3 times a week for 20 minutes to give my child a chance to have a better brain, can’t you?

Read the article by Sharon Mazel at to get all the information about this study.

I hope you find this study as encouraging as I do.



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