Step 1 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Accepting Responsibility

The aim of 12 Exercise Essentials for Natural Childbirth is to prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for the Best Birth Ever.

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Essential Number One for Natural Childbirth:

First you must accept responsibility for the ease and comfort of the process. It is important to realize that it is up to you to create the birth as you want it to happen. It is not going to be the best birth unless you make it happen.

Are you ready to learn all you can about what is necessary for a birth of your choice?

If you already have a Natural Childbirth plan, that is great! You have accepted the responsibility of making your own choices for your birth. You are ready for the next step, which is to prepare yourself physically for pregnancy and labor.

No plan yet for the birth of your baby? You haven’t given it any thought? Then your plan will be decided for you by the place of birth and those attending you. Be mindful that over 30% of hospital births end in surgery. If that does not scare you, then your plan is set. However, you will benefit from the next 11 Exercise Essentials, and I hope you will use them. Birth is an athletic event. Your pregnancy and the birth will be much easier if you are physically prepared for it.

To quote from my own book, Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials: “No matter what birth you plan; hospital, birth center, home, epidural or even Cesarean Section … everything in this book is essential to you. Your physical and mental preparation is necessary no matter where or how you plan to give birth.”

My next 11 Exercise Essentials are not strenuous or difficult. Mothers-to-be simply need some muscles to be strengthened so that carrying a 20 pound uterus is not difficult. Some of the 11 exercise essentials are postures, some are necessary for a lifetime, some will be useful in labor. There are also techniques to make your birth more comfortable and even pleasant.
Over the next weeks, I will guide you through all 12 Exercise Essentials. Do not stop your normal routines of exercising; you are not sick, just pregnant. My Exercise Essentials are specifically for your pregnancy and birth.

Expect me to be hoping for a completely natural birth for your sake and for your baby. A drug free birth is best for both of you. If you do not plan for it, you will probably not be able to have it. If you are prepared for a natural birth and complications arise, you will be disappointed, but you will have given yourself a more comfortable pregnancy and probably many hours of drug free labor. It is a win-win!

This First Exercise Essential is for you to think about what plan you have for your birth. Do you have a plan? Will you get some information to help you think about what you really want? Do you want to give that decision to someone else? Who will take the responsibility?

This baby will be born. You must give birth. That is a reality!

Consider the following:

  • How do you want this birth to be?
  • Who will be in charge?
  • Who will support you?
  • Where do you want this event to take place?
  • Who will be there for you?

Read about birth and all the possibilities. There are so many books about the subject. Of course I recommend my book, Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever.

Let me help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and the Best Birth Ever!

So many things to think about – start now! It is up to you!

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