Step 11 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Standing Pelvic Rock

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Standing pelvic rock will improve your posture. Even if you already have great posture, you will need to strengthen your muscles to maintain good posture during a pregnancy. Bad posture will give you a backache. So if you have one, use your pelvic rocks! This exercise will not only prevent backaches, it will also ease an aching back.

If your back is kept straight, it will not ache from the weight of the baby tugging on the muscles and ligaments that connect the uterus to your back.

Standing Pelvic Rock


  1. Stand facing a chair or any vertical surface. This is only to prove to you how this pelvic rock really makes a difference with your posture.
  2. Push your hips and abdomen forward with your tailbone pushing back and up toward the ceiling.
  3. Now reverse the posture. Tuck your tailbone under you and tighten your buttocks. The top of the pelvis has moved back, bringing the hipbones back, also. Notice how your abdominal wall has tightened and flattened and how much space you now have between your tummy and the chair. Also notice that your knees relax with a slight bend. Keeping them locked and tight will be very uncomfortable.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 as many times as it takes to make your back feel comfortable.


Obviously, this movement can be done any time you wish or remember to do it. It can become such a habit that you’ll do it all day long. Eventually your spine will become permanently straight because the muscles are strong and developed. When you are no longer pregnant, you should continue to do this to maintain good posture.

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