Step 9 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: Leg Stretches – Flexing and Extending Ankles and Knees

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Not only will leg stretches stimulate circulation in your legs, they will also strengthen your leg muscles and make it easier to carry those extra pounds caused by your growing baby. You may even develop a more shapely leg!

You will be carrying your child for at least a year after he/she is born, so let’s get ready now. If you wear high heels, this exercise will help stretch your Achilles tendon, which may have become shortened over the years.

It is a good idea, pregnant or not, to vary the type of heel you wear.

Step 9 of 12 Exercise Essentials - Leg Stretches


1. From a tailor sit position, stretch one or both legs away from you at an angle, supporting yourself with your hands.

2. Extend your toes away from you while stretching your leg out straight.

3. Pull your toes toward your body and raise your knee at the same time. The heel will rotate, but for maximum effect, it should not move from its position. You can do legs separately or together until you feel comfortable. Resume your tailor sitting.


These leg stretches can be done whenever you are tailor sitting on the floor.


This is especially useful when you are involved in an activity and sitting in the tailor sit position. If you feel the need to move but do not wish to interrupt your writing or reading — or simply do not have the energy to move around — this accomplishes the same thing.

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