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Crying Is the Baby’s Way of Asking for Help

Please do not worry about “spoiling” your baby. You can indulge an older child, and he may become an unhappy and unpleasant little creature, but you can’t spoil a tiny child with love and cuddling. It is perfectly normal and OK for a baby to cry. It’s not OK for you to ignore his cry in the ridiculous attempt to “not spoil” him! cryingbaby

Your baby will cry sometimes when you cannot get to him for a few minutes but he should have the security of knowing that his cry will be answered. Can you imagine the hopelessness of a baby whose only means of calling for help is ignored?

Pregnancy: In the Beginning

When you are first pregnant, you will have days of elation and excitement and you will have bad days. Ideally, you and your husband or partner can maintain good communication throughout this time in your pregnancy. It’s vital to you both. Never have you needed a sounding board more, and never has your need for reassurance been greater… both of you!


You are normal and healthy and want to have this baby. Say so!