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How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen – During Pregnancy, Make the Most of Each Visit

During pregnancy, you will be having regular appointments with a doctor. It is important that you know how to make the most of each visit.

How to Talk so your Doctor will ListenDoctors are very busy and will have a short allotment of time for each visit. Studies have shown that the average length of an appointment is 13 to 16 minutes. That gives very little time to get the attention you need.

Also, it has been determined that doctors will interrupt you within 12 to 23 seconds if you are speaking.

So how do you get answers to your questions?

Step 12 of 12 Essentials for Natural Childbirth: “Kitchen Sink” Pelvic Rock

The “Kitchen Sink” can be anything of the right height: a chair back at the office, the desktop in the schoolroom, a window ledge, bathroom sink, countertop, cupboard, dresser, etc.

This exercise can be done each time you go to the sink (or to the chair, at your desk, kitchen counter, etc.). Through frequent practice, you will maintain good posture, give yourself quick relief from pelvic pressure, and you will improve circulation to the lower part of your body.

Recent study shows exercise during pregnancy helps baby’s brain

When you think that Natural Childbirth and Exercise are best for you and your baby, then you automatically BELIEVE in it. You have faith in the truth of your beliefs! It’s True because you know it is True! Not at all good logic, but we all indulge in our belief systems.

exercise during pregnancy

So nothing is more exciting than finding that there has been a scientific study to prove your Beliefs.

This has happened again and again to me. This recent information came through Twitter!  The blessings of the Information Revolution and Social Media have given me this study that shows that exercising throughout pregnancy enhances brain activity in a baby at birth.

Free Pregnancy Advice Abounds

You have so many things to think about with this new situation in your life called pregnancy. Suddenly you are faced with all sorts of new things.

  • What should you eat to be sure the baby is healthy?
  • What changes will have to be made in your home? Will you have to move?
  • Perhaps a two-year-old has to be moved out of a crib.
  • How will you make your wardrobe accommodate your expanding tummy?
  • Will you have to quit your job? (Or do you “get” to quit!)
  • Can you manage on one salary? On and on the questions flow.

The Cost of Childbirth is Too High

high cost of childbirth, pregnancy“Cost of Childbirth Is Too High for Individuals and Employers, Groups Say,” stated Elizabeth Palermo in the Huffington Post on July 5th, 2013.

For those of us who are proponents of Natural Childbirth, this comes as no surprise. If we women allow our Childbirth to become a medical event without our input and planning, then we are the ones who lose.

When women allow medical professionals to take over a normal natural function of the female body to turn it into a medical event we are no longer in charge of our bodies or our births. And we are contributing to the rising cost.