The Natural Birth Story of Lincoln to Anne and David

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Want to know how to have a Natural Childbirth?  Here’s how!

This is a wonderful birth story from Anne.

Baby Lincoln with mom Anne
Baby Lincoln with mom Anne

She trusted her body to give her the natural birth that she wanted.

Not only did she want it, she planned it.

She learned about natural birth.

She made all the right decisions.

Her husband was actively involved and supportive. I know because he ordered my book, Natural Childbirth Exercises, for her.

They had excellent training and preparation by attending Bradley Method® classes.

She developed a team to support her Birth Plan.

The doctor was supportive and an advocate of natural birth. How do I know? Because Anne’s labor gave plenty of opportunities for the health care providers to scare this laboring couple into accepting medical intervention!

The impressive part of this lovely birth story is the trust and acceptance that this was a normal and natural labor. Her team accepted it and so did Anne. David gave his full support as her coach.

She accepted that it was not easy but that she could do it.

The labor was as it should be and she was able and willing. That is what it takes … faith in your own body and faith in the process.

Everything Anne and David did to prepare for  birth made this a natural birth. A trained team to support her made a huge difference. Because of the preparation and their commitment to Natural Birth, they gave their darling wee Lincoln the best start in life that he could possibly have … a drug free, joyful, natural birth with parents who had planned for his birth and were ready for him with open loving arms. Congratulations!!

Here is Anne’s synopsis of the birth:

“Our little baby was born on 1/16/14, Lincoln, at 2:05am. I went into pretty strong labor about 3am on 1/15 and we arrived at the hospital about 7am. I was only 5cm at that point so a little disappointed but my husband and doula quickly refocused me and by 1pm after lots of walking and squatting during contractions was 8 cm. Then it stalled until 7pm at 8 cm L and they ended up breaking the bag of waters, which was I was told was very strong probably b/c I ate a lot of protein!! He was posterior (maybe a reason why labor stalled for so long).

After that, the last 2 cm were pretty tough, but I finally made it about 11pm and at that point my dr. realized that the hope of my baby turning around were slim. Even after as long as I’d been going she told me after the fact that she had no worry that I wouldn’t have the strength left to push that baby out. After 3 hours of pushing (and my dr. leaving in the middle to do an emergency c-section on another one of her patients), we finally had a little baby delivered face up, 8lbs 3 oz. I had a great team around me, husband, doula, my mother and my doctor….all amazing!!

Good thing I kept in shape and I’m sure my long distance endurance running didn’t hurt either given that it went so long…but I’m very pleased with the outcome of no drugs with  just a small intervention of the bag of waters being broken.”

For the full story written in more detail by the doula, click here.


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