Who is My Favorite Child?

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Rhondda with Flowers

Rhondda with Birthday Flowers

Recently, I celebrated my birthday. It was a lovely intimate celebratory dinner with a gathering of my sister, my children, their spouses and my grandchildren. We were missing a few, sadly, but as the young ones get older and the older ones get committed to careers, it is harder and harder to get everyone together. Add to that the large family we have become.

There were speeches made by each one. They told me all about me. They even made me appear to be saintly which of course is not true! They told funny stories and sentimental events and all the silly things that apparently make me endearing to each speaker. I loved it all and could hardly expect them to do otherwise. I had taught my family to do this very same thing to their Grandparents, my parents.

I have learned to accept all these compliments graciously and do not correct their incorrect versions of an event or of my behavior which is true to the story teller. I often had a different version in my memory! I also have become very good at laughing at myself.

As my own adult children spoke about me, each one managed to put in a quick remark which assured their siblings that of course he/she, the one speaking, was my absolute FAVORITE child. It amused me that they were in a competition to each declare this fact. I laughed and we all joked about it.

I have thought about that frequently since. Sometimes the children would ask me when they were young, “Who is your favorite child?” Allison, the fourth child, asked me that most often. My response would be to declare that I loved each and every one of my five children equally. I usually added that I loved their father best because I picked him whereas my babies were given to me as gifts. Apparently it did not satisfy them as a complete answer!

Here they are years later still arguing to be the favorite. What could be a better compliment to a mother than that? Thank you, dear family.

It was certainly the best birthday gift that I have ever received.


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