Why I Wrote “Natural Childbirth Exercises”

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Rhondda Hartman

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Rhondda Hartman
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“Why did you write this book?” I was asked by a friend.

It was a shock because most of my friends are impressed, congratulatory, and mostly do not want to talk about my subject but are happy for me in my endeavor.

Why did I write this book? Why now? Why at this stage in my life? What do I have to offer pregnant women of today?

I am finished with Childbirth and even with the birth of grandchildren so why my compulsion to write this book? Not only that, but this is the second book I have written on this same topic. Why was I not satisfied with doing it just once. Why do it all over again?

I answered her in a way that seemed satisfactory to her. See if you agree!

My information on preparing for birth is timeless, effective, simple and natural. It makes sense that there is some information available for pregnant women of today. I see a need to teach young women how they can prepare themselves for this momentous and athletic event. I feel that my exercises are described in a simple, concise way with the reasons for using them explained in a well-defined manner. I believe our young women will want my information and my expertise. I believe that it is not given to them by the health care system. I believe that the culture of our health care system is at odds with our ‘take charge’ young women. They want the right to have control of their bodies at the voting booth to make choices about the pregnancy. But when their rights are taken away by their doctor or health care provider, they do not seem to notice. If they do notice, they do not know what to do about it.

Women need to know what they are buying when they choose a doctor. If health care is a “right”, then get busy and find out what form of health care we have a right to be given. Plan ahead. Consider your options. Ask questions. Become engaged in the process. Do not leave it up to the professionals!

The doctor will not offer a choice in the way your baby will be born. If he wants to drug you, he will drug you. If she wants to give an Epidural at 5 centimeters of dilation who is going to stop her? Where are your rights at this point? Why would you think that any one knows more about how your body feels than you do? YOU are the one having this baby. Why are you not making the decisions about the birth?

Read my book. Find out why you are the expert. Learn how to get ready to have a baby. Let me help you. Together we’ll get you the birth you want and deserve. You have a ‘Right’ to the birth of your choice. Start now! Learn about your options! Take command of your Childbirth experience!

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